Over the coming year we have four events organised to raise money for four important charities. Taking part in these special days allows the children time to reflect on how they can help others. It allows us to think about others and how we can support them. We are proud of our work supporting charities and are grateful for everybody in our community for their continued support.

Over the next few years we will be raising money for:

The Children’s Society

Save the Children

Children in Need

Red Nose Day

Heart Foundation

Jeans for Genes

So far this year: 





July 2015

Recently the School council have raised the sum of £875.82p with PCSO Jaccqui McNally this year for Woman V Cancer.











January 2016

After a busy Autumn term the money has be counted and we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your generosity and support. This year we have raised £250 for Children in Need and over £300 for the The Children’s Society – thank you!

September 2016

Many thanks to Mrs Baxter for organising our first ever Skipathon. The skipathon was organised to raise money for the Heart Foundation and to get everybody in school up and active. We raised a whopping £1500 pounds. Well done everyone.

October 2016

Jeans for Genes day was a great success with over £250 raised. Another excellent effort.

November 2016

This year, we raised money for Children in Need in three different ways. First of all, we sold Children in Need wristbands throughout the week. We also held a ‘Count the Spots’ competition – thank you to everyone who entered! Finally, we held a non-uniform day and came to school ‘showing our spots’. Thank you to everyone who contributed and we are delighted to tell you that we raised over £500! Well done Leamington!