Lift off at Leamington Primary Computing Week!

MGL’s Teaching Team recently enjoyed a great week of fun computing activities, with the lovely children at Leamington Primary School in Norris Green, Liverpool. Working with all year groups throughout the school, the children used a variety of technologies across the week to enhance their understanding of the importance of computing in the modern world. As our photos and videos below show, the week included work on:

  • Using Virtual Reality as a stimulus to learning, using Google Expeditions to discover a range of experiences, from a tour of the Great Wall of China through to Space Exploration
  • The use of drone technology, where children (and more able teachers!) demonstrated their flying and control skills
  • Computer Aided Design with KS2 classes, with a range of products created and printed using the latest 3D resources
  • The ever popular robotics workshops, where children of all ages had great fun in applying their programming skills to a range of equipment. This included the ever popular Nao robot, with the children performing Tai Chi exercises and dancing to the Macarena alongside Nao!

Thanks once again to the team at Leamington for an inspirational and enjoyable Computing Week with MGL.