Design and Technology at Leamington

Children at Leamington Community Primary School have fantastic experiences through Design and Technology. The pupils have great fun exploring existing products and learning about designers and inventors from the past and present.  The children take part in researching, designing and making products. They solve problems and enjoy seeing their designs take shape. The children are involved in every step of the design process and are encouraged to respond ambitiously to a range of designing and making assignments with real design briefs. Our aim is to provide the children with excellent D&T experiences through a rich and relevant curriculum and prepare them for the next stage in their education.

Not only do children learn to use a wide range of tools, materials and equipment, they also learn about influential designers and inventors and keep up to date with new technological innovations in design.

Across the year, children have opportunities to work independently on a project or are sometimes encouraged to work constructively with peers.  All of our projects are thoroughly planned and have a relevant: user, context and purpose. The teachers at Leamington ensure hygiene and safety risks are managed effectively and have high expectations of all pupils. D&T teaching at Leamington aims to equip all pupils for the next stage in their education and support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils.

Cross Curricular links

We also reinforce many maths and science skills through the teaching and learning of D&T. We encourage children to develop technical drawing skills and have high expectations of children’s writing and computer aided design in this subject.


As well as a wide range of resources, we also have a purposely designed, fully functioning kitchen on our premises, where the children get to carry out Food Technology projects and learn about food origins, seasonal fruit and vegetables and nutrition.

Healthy schools

Throughout all of our Food Technology Projects, the children are taught in accordance with our Healthy Schools Policy. They are provided with many opportunities to learn the importance of healthy eating and following a healthy lifestyle. The children learn about how and when food is grown or produced, and the impact of the quantity and types of foods we eat has on our bodies.

Extra-Curricular activities

We also have a fantastic after school Cookery club ran by the wonderful Miss. Fredson. Here are some photographs of what the children have made what the children have to say about the club.

Here are some of our favourite D &T Projects.

Year 6


Design make and evaluate a soup recipe for a healthy school’s recipe book for primary school children.

Year 5

Mechanical Systems

Design make and evaluate Egyptian flatbread.

Year 4

Electrical Systems

Design, make and evaluate a Pavilion for Walton Hall Park.


Year 3

Shell structures

Design, make and evaluate a teaching aid for year 2 children, to teach them how volcanoes work


Year 2


Design, make and evaluate hand puppets to tell stories to younger children

Year 1


Design, make and evaluate fruit kebabs for themselves to eat at a class picnic.