Welcome to Reception

Children have been using ‘Talk for Writing’ to re tell the story ‘The Little Red Hen’

The children made bread, it was delicious. The little Red Hen wasn’t sure what to do with her bread, so children persuaded her to share it with them. Most children enjoyed the sweeter fruity bread rather than the spicy cheese bread. The children also helped the hen keep her eggs safe from the fox. They designed safe places to hide them for her and some built chicken coups with boxes, the crates and the blocks. They even got to use their mathematical skills to build her a wall using lolli sticks in maths.

Please remember

  • Reading books should be signed and commented on, to enable us to know whether to change your child’s book
  • ‘Share a Book’ is on every Wednesday 2 30pm, please come, younger siblings are more than welcome.
  • E kits need to be left in school for P.E for every Wednesday


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