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Making Healthy Choices

Reception children are going to be exploring the need to make healthy decisions, whether that be in exercising, healthy eating and good dental care.

Children will be finding out what a healthy breakfast looks like, we will be making some porridge to taste. We will be making fruit salad and discussing healthy snacks.

We will be looking at what healthy options children can have in their packed lunch boxes.  We ask for parents to support us in this topic. Packed lunches should be healthy in content, with a healthy sandwich, preferably brown bread, fruit and healthy low fat yoghurt and perhaps sliced vegetables or fruit e.g. carrot or celery sticks, apple or grapes. Fresh orange juice (no more than 150ml is advised) or water, these are considered to be acceptable healthy drinks.

The packed lunches should not include fatty foods including too much cheese, chocolate spread sandwiches, sweets including chocolate and biscuits, crisps and sugary drinks including flavoured lemonade, coke and fruit shoot drinks as they are full of sugar.

We will also be focusing on dental care and how diet can affect our dental health.

As is stated in our healthy school policy:

“Food has a significant part to play in determining health and well-being, establishing social roles and reflecting and shaping the schools ethos and individual values”

Please remember

  • Reading books should be signed and commented on, to enable us to know whether to change your child’s book
  • ‘Share a Book’ is on every Wednesday 2 30pm, please come, younger siblings are more than welcome.
  • E kits need to be left in school for P.E for every Wednesday.

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