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Balance Bike Training this term In Reception

We are so excited in reception this term  we are taking part in a 6 week training workshop to learn how to use the balance bikes.

Using a balance bike first gives more control because the children’s feet can be on the ground. If you can balance, it’s easier to add pedaling later, instead of trying to master both skills at once.

Riding without pedals allows young riders to develop confidence and balance while feeling in control of their speed.

Some argue that the balance bikes are much safer and allow children to start riding at younger ages. Particularly for those who don’t have the leg strength to push pedals, the simplicity of propelling themselves provides freedom without complication and is a lot of FUN!!!

Take a look at some photographs of our first session. We all can’t wait till next week.

Please remember

  • Reading books should be signed and commented on, to enable us to know whether to change your child’s book
  • ‘Share a Book’ is on every Wednesday 2 30pm, please come, younger siblings are more than welcome.
  • E kits need to be left in school for P.E for every Wednesday.


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