What we are doing this half term


Our English topic will be focused around the book Where the Wild Things Are’ as children will be exploring fantasy world stories. The children will begin by exploring the characters in the story through drama activities alongside their basic skills and sentence work. The children will also be exploring a selection of stories with familiar settings, before creating their own story.


During this half term we will be concentrating on number. We will first work on counting forwards and backwards from any given number and also look at place value. We will also begin to look our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will then apply our understanding in a real life context and develop our problem solving skills.


During science this half term we will be looking at plants and trees. We will explore name and identify a variety of common plants and trees. We look at the parts a plant and the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees.


This half term children will be exploring Mapping Skills. We will name the five oceans and seven continents. They will explore the Galapagos Islands and compare it to their local area and will also develop their understanding of directional vocabulary.

Home School Sheet Spring 1



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