What we are doing this half term


We will begin our half term by looking at information texts. We will look at a range of different texts and gain a good understanding of what features need to be included. We will then look at creating our own information text about farm yard animals. We will then focus on our phonic and basic skills.


During this half term we will continue to work on number. We will also move onto exploring time. We will then look at 2D and 3D shapes investigating their features.


This half term we will be developing our map skills focusing upon the 5 oceans, 7 continents and using directional and positional vocabulary. This topic will be supported by the book Where the Wild Things Are as we journey to the Galapagos Islands and compare the surroundings with our local environment.


During science this half term we will be looking at everyday materials. We will investigate a variety of materials with the end goal of identifying what material is most suitable for a raincoat. We will describe the properties of the materials and compare and group each type.

Learning Journey Pirate Island Summer 1

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