Welcome to Year 2


We will begin our half term by immersing the children in the world of dinosaurs. We will be reading a new text that has many rich themes including how it feels to have lost something and how it feels to find it again.

We will then use what we have learned about dinosaurs to write information texts about them using all the features such as headings, sub-headings, past tense and extended sentences.


We will continue to learn about time and carry out investigations.

We will be looking at money in real life context. We will solve problems through adding different amounts to find totals and subtracting give change.

Our Geography topic this term is:


We will be thinking about the similarities and differences between the UK and Kenya. We will look at the weather, school, homes, animals and food and finish our topic with a celebratory KENYA DAY.

 Our Science topic this term is:

Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?

  • Identifying animals hatch or are born.
  • Differences between habitats and researching what would live there.
  • Designing a habitat for a dinosaur.
  • Re-creating a dinosaur skeleton.



We will look at stories from the Bible where Jesus has been a good friend. We will read the story of Palm Sunday and learn about Zaccheus. We will think how we can also be good friends.


Internet and Research

We will be using the internet to research. We will use google to find information about Kenya and dinosaurs.


We are looking at the work of African artist, Martin Bulinya. We will use paint and pens to create our own pieces of African-inspired art. We will also learn how to blend and mix colours to create our own pieces of art.


We will be takin part in an African Drumming workshop as part of our topic. We will look at traditional and modern music listened to in Africa.



PE is on Thursday. Make sure your child has a t-shirt, shorts and pumps in school.

Africa learning-journey 

Dinosaur learning journey

Home school sheet 


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