School Opening June 1st 2020

Following the pandemic crisis, school was closed by the government on March 20th 2020. Liverpool LA set up several hub schools around Liverpool to care for key workers and vulnerable children. On Friday 22nd May 2020 the hubs were closed and will not re-open.

From June 1st 2020 the government has asked schools to open for critical workers, vulnerable children and where possible children from reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6.

After carrying out many risk assessments and understanding the guidance set out it was decided by the governing body that we could not open for children from reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6 safely. This was supported by the Local Authority who recommended all Liverpool schools stay closed until it is reviewed on the 12th June.

SR – Letter to parents – 15.05.2020 (1)

Re-opening Letter

Critical Workers/Vulnerable Children Provision – Updated 27/05/2020

(Please note the total number of children we can accept is 27 – 3 bubbles of 9)

As a result we will be opening on the 1st June for the children of critical workers and those classed vulnerable by the government. Our opening hours will be from 9-3pm and we will not be having a breakfast/after school club. We have strict guidance set out for all staff, cleaners, lunchtime supervisors and children.

The guidance for children – Guidance to Children and Parents attending the Keyworkers

The guidance above and email the school at Please leave your details, your child’s details and the days/times required. You must book a place at the provision one week in advance so we can plan rota’s and set up extra safe bubbles. Please remember the safest place for children is at home.

Risk Assessment for Critical Workers provision: Leamington 47A Infection Control Communicable Diseases COVID 19 May 2020 

School Opening for Y6 Children – Updated 15/06/2020

(Please note the total number of children we can accept is 45 – 5 bubbles of 9)

Following guidance sent out by LCC on Monday 15th June 2020, the Governors of Leamington Community Primary School have agreed we will be re-opening for Y6 children on Monday 22nd June. We have 22 children registered to return on the 22nd. If you are not registered you cannot return. If your child is in Y6 and you would like them to return to school you must email or call the office on 0151 284 7848

Important – We will only accept Your Y6 child each Monday and you must give a weeks notice.

The risk assessment and guidance for Y6 children only:

Guidance for Staff when working at Leamington Provision for Key Workers and Vulnerable Children

LCC Appendix A COVID 19 RAMS 01 06 20 LEAMINGTON 03 06 20

On Tuesday 9th June we were visited by Liverpool CC Health and Safety officer Dave O’Hare and his finding were:

Having read your School Risk Assessment prior to the visit, I was pleased to see that the detailed controls were in place and operational for children of Key Workers already attending school, and that you were in the process of finalising the site in readiness for the wider reopening to Y6 students.

A guide/workbook for children returning to school – Parent-Carer booklet

If you have any questions please email

Following a meeting of the Governing Body is has been decided school will be closing on Thursday 16th July due to operational reason – School Closing for Summer