Upcoming Events

There is so much happening at Leamington over the next couple of weeks Take a look at our upcoming events calendar. Christmas Calendar

Anti Bullying Week 2017

The students from Leamington primary school enjoyed participating in this year’s Anti-bullying week. Students from all year groups got involved in Cookie decorating, writing poems, filming and video work, story Telling, Designing a graffiti wall, and arts / craft projects. … Continued

A Year 6 Mayan Museum

Our year 6 classrooms were transformed into a Mayan museum as the children studied the daily life of the Mayans and the clues we have from the artefacts that they were an advanced civilisation.

Writing on the wall

Year six have been very fortunate to have visitors working with them on creative writing. They are working on superhero based stories. The pictures show them hot seating as the superhero and using their senses to describe the superhero’s powers, … Continued

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Please find our Autumn 2 Newsletter here – Autumn 2 Newsletter 2017


Some of the Year 6 children visited Kingswood Residential before October Half Term. While they were there they had the chance to be independent making their own beds and organising themselves for mealtimes. They had a wonderful time and had … Continued

Year 3 heritage workshops at The Bluecoat

Year 3 had a fantastic morning learning all about life in the Bluecoat during the 19th century. They took on the role of the chidlren and carried out different lessons such as opulling rope and reciting poetry. Children also created … Continued

Year 2’s visit to the museum

Year 2 had a fabulous time at the museum of Liverpool learning all about Liverpool’s important buildings and doing lots of artwork.

Year 6 trip with Mersey Travel

Year 6 children had the pleasure of taking the Mersey travel transport trip. The children learnt all about transport safety and engineering. They had a great time visiting stations and travelling by train, bus and Ferry. They even finished off … Continued

Early Years – How your child learns about numbers

    The first stage of learning about numbers is learning number names. This usually happens around 2½ years, when children start to repeat the names of numbers they hear. Although they don’t connect names with quantity or understand they … Continued