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Mr Wolf visited Reception this week. He was so sad because he wanted to make pancakes but he couldn’t read the recipe or write a shopping list, his neighbours wouldn’t help him. Luckily, the children helped him read the recipe and we recorded the children reading and sent it to Mr Wolf. Children were so sad that the Gingerbread man wouldn’t write the shopping list, so they helped Mr Wolf again by writing one for him.

Once he had made the pancakes the neighbours visited reception and asked to share. We did a ‘Conscience Alley’ to help Mr Wolf decide what to do. Some children wanted him to share because he shouldn’t want to make them feel as sad as he had felt when the neighbours hadnt helped him. Some children said that he shouldn’t share because they were so mean to him.

When we listened to the story we were so shocked to hear that Mr Wolf ate his neighbours and all of his pancakes. Children asked was he the Big Bad Wolf after all?

Please remember

  • Reading books should be signed and commented on, to enable us to know whether to change your child’s book
  • ‘Share a Book’ is on every Wednesday 2 30pm, please come, younger siblings are more than welcome.
  • E kits need to be left in school for P.E for every Wednesday


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