Welcome to Reception


Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a lovely half-term break and are ready for our last half term in Reception.

During this half term we will be learning about our Big Wide World.

We are going to be discussing about our city, Liverpool and learn to identify some features of our area. We are going to extend our learning and also learn about our country, England and develop our understanding of other countries around the world. We will compare and contrast different environments, animals and the weather too. Through our topic of our Big Wide World we will be working in our continuous provision, developing skills across our curriculum.

In Maths, we are going to be continuing developing our number sense beyond 10, our counting skills both forwards and backwards (to 20) and using our mathematical vocabulary. We will also consolidate addition and subtraction further and introduce doubling and halving this half-term.

In Literacy, we are working hard on our reading skills and continuing to learn phonics daily. We will be visiting more characters in our magical story world each day and are starting off with non-fiction texts about plants and growing. We will continue using our imagination to support children in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Don’t forget;

Read and sign your reading record every night- books will be changed Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Don’t forget to practice your green and red words that are sent home weekly.

Don’t forget to keep accessing the range of websites we provided over lockdown such as Topmarks (Maths) and Phonics play (Literacy) at home too!

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