At Leamington we encourage everyone children, staff, parents, governors and community to feel part of the team.

Our daily ethos is about supporting one another, making mistakes, getting stuck and having the confidence to try new things without the fear of failure. It is in this safe environment that we all learn new things every day and feel proud of our achievements however big or small.

What OFSTED said: This is a good school. (July 2017)

  • Your staff are dedicated and hardworking. Classrooms are ‘places of sanctuary’. High-quality display, reading corners and soothing music, add to the ambience in school. Staff make good use of the well-stocked library and the range of intervention and therapy/sensory rooms you have provided. As a consequence, pupils are happy and confident learners and their behaviour is good.
  • You have a highly-experienced and committed governing body, which shares your vision and your understanding of the community in which you work. The governors’ knowledge and commitment to support parents, carers, staff and pupils, has enhanced the school’s provision.
  • Results have increased year on year and pupils are making rapid progress from very low starting points on entry. While still below national expectations at Year 2, pupils leave your school at the end of Year 6 with results above those found nationally for all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged. You are still working to further develop outcomes for the most able younger pupils and this will remain a focus for you.
  • Parents are unanimous in their view that this is a safe and happy school where their children make good progress. They share your drive for improved attendance, and support the strategies put in place by the attendance officer and learning mentor to
    ensure that pupils arrive in school on time. Almost all parents who responded to the survey agree that the school is a safe and happy place where pupils thrive.
  • Children enter the school with skills that are typically below those expected for their age. From these low starting points, children make good progress. However, the overall proportion who reach the standards expected for their age in reading,
    writing and mathematics by the end of key stage 1 remains below the national average.
  • The behaviour of pupils is very good. They wear their uniform with pride and were keen to tell me that bullying is not a problem in their school. As a consequence, you have very low exclusion rates and fixed-term exclusions have reduced since 2014.

Our latest OFSTED report – Leamington Ofsted Report July 2017

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