In Leamington CP School attendance is a top priority; there are many ways in which we encourage good attendance. These include:

Celebrating good attendance

We have many rewards to celebrate children’s good attendance. These include: certificates, trophies, medals, prizes, discos and even attendance rewards each week.


Supporting families

To support families in improving attendance, we have a full time attendance mentor (Jackie Stocks). Her role is to track attendance across the school and identify opportunities to support families. We have many ways in which we provide support, including: breakfast and after school clubs and extra-curricular activities. An important part of our attendance officer’s role is to keep families up to date regarding children’s attendance and punctuality and the impact it has in school.

The role of attendance

At Leamington, we regularly speak with children about the importance of attending school each day. We ensure children have a good knowledge of how this will not only have an impact on their lives now but on their future as well. We hold many special events that help children recognise the importance of good attendance including Aspirations Week, Careers Carousel and Enterprise Week.


Why attend Leamington?

At Leamington we pride ourselves on being an engaging, exciting school that revolves around the children and what’s best for them. As well as the specific work on attendance, we have many reasons why children choose to attend every day. These include our immersive curriculum, our improved outdoor areas, fantastic library and many special trips and visitors. As well as this, there are a variety of opportunities to develop wider life skills therefore developing the child as a whole person, such as dance festivals, drama productions, talent shows, fancy dress, subject themed days…the list is endless. Not only is learning paramount at our school, we also strive to engage all learners through our inclusive practise and School of Sanctuary Status.


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