Staffing Structure Staffing Structure 2021-22

Head Teacher

Paul Vine

Deputy Head Teacher

Rachel Mellor


Natalie Boyd (Assistant Head Teacher)

Nursery Staff

Kathleen Noon, Nicola Bland, Charlotte Rattigan, Sally Tyson (Assistant SENCO)


Kerry Hartwell-Parry, Georgia Crabtree, Natalie Benson (EYFS Lead)

Year 1

Hannah Hornby, Steph Daly

Year 2

Abigail Neal, Lorna McKevitt,

Year 3

Jenny Wilson, Lauren Tunstall (Maternity Leave Easter 2023), Sharron Halligan (Assistant Head Teacher – Curriculum) 

Year 4

Ciara Maher, Stephanie Leach (Phase 2 Leader)

Year 5

Danielle Carroll, Ashley Fergusson

Year 6

Fiona Baxter, Sophie Doyle (Maternity Leave Easter 2023) Jenny Evans (Phase 2 Leader)

Support Teachers

Lisa Curran

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Iris Kelleher

Learning Mentor

Mike Francis

Attendance and Learning Mentor

Jackie Stocks

Family Support Worker 

Liz Morrison

Learning Support Officers

Brenda Fredson, Iain Frazer, Norah Tuzio, Phillippa Miller, Jeanette Costello, Emma Hudson, Stephanie Grant, Elsie Gannon, Joanne Stones, Catherine Handford, Michelle Peltzer, Louise Irving and Charlotte Rattigan

School Business Manager

Joanne Thompson

Finance Officer

Jan Virtue

Administrative Officers

Tracy White and Michele Monaghan

Site Manager

Ivor Francis

Cleaner in Charge

Jane Roughley

School Cook

Lyn Lazer

Kitchen Staff

Barbara Ambrose, Debbie Birchall, Natasha Cullen, Lyn Lazer and Barbara Ventre.

Supervisory Assistants

Rachel Atherton, Julie Darlow, Jenny Glendenning, June Joyce, Lisa Murphy, Jane Barry, Michelle Hirst, Joanne Gamble, Jane Roughley and Kelly Miller.

Cleaning Staff

Elizabeth Howarth, Lyn Lazer, Lisa Murphy, Denise Thomas, Jenny Glendenning and Vida Kazlauciuniene.