Below you will find links to lots of useful websites and guides for supporting children with SEND:


ADDISS provide people-friendly information and resources about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to anyone who needs assistance – parents, sufferers, teachers or health professionals. Whatever you’re looking for in ADHD, ADDISS will do their best to help.


Cerebra is a unique charity set up to help improve the lives of children with brain related conditions through research, education and by directly supporting children and their carers.

National Autistic Society
The National Autistic Society are the leading UK charity for people on the autism spectrum (including Asperger syndrome) and their families. They provide information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a better world for people with autism.
Dyspraxia Foundation
The Dyspraxia Foundation is a country Wide charity, founded in 1987 as the Dyspraxia Trust by two mothers who met at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. After being told that their children had Dyspraxia they were astonished and dismayed to discover that no facilities existed to help or inform parents and children with the condition.
Sensory Integration Network
The aim of the Sensory Integration Network is to promote education, good practice and research into the theory and practice of Ayres’ Sensory Integration. They are a not-for-profit organisation with a broad membership base, drawn mainly from the United Kingdom and Ireland.
SEN & Disability Local Offer
The Local Offer gives children and young people with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities and their families’ information about what support and services the local authority think will be available in their local area. Download The Liverpool Local Offer App – Created to let young people in Liverpool know what services are available to them if they, their parents or their guardians need extra support.
Contact a Family
Contact a Family is a national charity for families with disabled children providing information, advice and support. Contact a Family brings families together so they can support each other; campaigning to improve their circumstances, and for their right to be included and equal in society.


Support Agencies contact numbers

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A brief history of sensory processing integration




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Managing sensory processing difficulties at home

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The impact on learning for pupils living with Autism

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