Our Attendance Buddies 

Our Attendance Buddies from Years 1 to 6 have been busy introducing Attendance Anthony to the whole school. Attendance Anthony will  be presented at assembly on a Monday morning to the class with the highest attendance for the previous week. Attendance Anthony will then spend that week with the class and we will keep you updated here on what they all got up to.


Class 4AF finished the week with the highest attendance of 99.2% Attendance Anthony enjoyed learning on the iPads and reading James and the Giant Peach!


Class 5SD finished the week with an amazing attendance of 99.7%. Attendance Anthony loved hanging around with 5SD!



Class 3SH managed to finish  the week with an attendance of 99.7%. Attendance Anthony enjoyed spending time with 3SH!

Class 6JE finished the week with an attendance of 99.1%. Attendance Anthony had a great time with 6JE, he joined in their violin lessons, had lots to say in their lesson about evolution and enjoyed spending time in the reading corner listening to some really interesting stories!

Class 1JC had an amazing 100% class attendance for the whole week. Attendance Anthony has lots of fun with his new friends and especially enjoyed joining in with their Wake Up, Shake Up!!