Welcome to Year 6

Not long left now! SATs are nearly here! We will be using this term to continue our preparation for the tests and consolidating all our basic skills ready for SATs week. We will be revising Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar rules as well as teaching reading daily to ensure we are fully prepared. It is very important that all children continue their revision at home, spending time focusing on Maths and English every day!

We will practice for SATs week so children will be prepared to sit papers under test conditions. This will help them to understand what SATs week will be like. During SATs week, we will also be holding a daily breakfast club; SATs Breakfast Club will run each morning so year six children will arrive at school at 8:30am and will have breakfast with their friends in the dinner centre. It will give the children the opportunity to chat to friends about the tests that day, look at revision guides for that day’s exams, and ask the teachers any questions. There will be cereal, toast and drinks available to ensure all the children are ready for the day ahead. The breakfast club is free of charge!



SATs Week: Monday 9th May – Thursday 12th May


 Year 6 teachers would like to encourage children to bring in water bottles and a piece of fruit for snack, if they wish. This is particularly important during SATs week to ensure children are hydrated so they can work at their best!  

Mrs. Baxter, Miss. Evans and the rest of the Year 6 staff would like to wish all children ‘Good Luck’ for SATs. We know you will do well!


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