Welcome to Year 3

The year 3 teachers would like to welcome all of our year 3 children back to school. What an exciting and busy half term we have lined up!

In English this half term we will be looking at stories from familiar settings. Children will explore settings in depth and focus on advancing their descriptive vocabulary. They will be given the opportunity to portray characters within different settings through drama. We will also be working on different types of poetry and report writing. We will use this opportunity to link these with our Geography topic of ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ Children will be given spellings to learn every week and a spelling sheet will be provided for them to write their spellings on each day. Our Narrative book this half term is Flood by Alvaro F. Villa.

Children will be working on ‘number’. This will include place value, ordering numbers and learning their number bonds. Children will be exploring a variety of methods, including pictorial interpretations, to demonstrate their knowledge of place value. Children will also be completing sequences and writing numbers in words and numerals. Children will also focus on using and applying addition and subtraction methods, which will include both mental and written strategies. They will continue to learn their 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 times table, and the corresponding division facts.

What makes the Earth Angry?

Our topic this half term is ‘What makes the Earth angry?’  The children will be learning about the impact of natural disasters.  The main focus will be looking at famous volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and severe weather. We will also be looking at the location of these using atlases and digital maps.

What you can do at home:

Go to the library and borrow books on volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and severe weather.  Discuss with your child any knowledge you have on the impact of severe weather e.g. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina.

Some important information for Year 3 parents/carers:

  • PE day for both Year 3 classes is Friday.
  • Children will have weekly virtual Spanish lessons on a Tuesday
  • Children will have ukulele sessions on Mondays.
  • Reading books should be brought into school every day.

Year 3 teachers would like to encourage children to bring in water bottles and a piece of fruit for snack, if they wish.

Book bags should be brought in everyday so children do not miss any opportunities to read to an adult.

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