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Our English topic will be focused around the book ‘Storm Whale’ as children will be exploring stories with a familiar setting. The children will explore the characters, setting and plot through drama activities, group collaboration and practical tasks alongside their basic skills and sentence work. The children will work towards writing their own story with a familiar setting.



During this half term we will be concentrating on number. We will recap on our number bonds and apply our knowledge to a variety of problems in different contexts. We will also explore measure, time and money through this in a variety of problem solving contexts.



During science this half term we will be looking at weather and seasons. We will explore name and identify a each season, months of the year and changes that take place during the year. We will also explore how we adapt to the changes in comparison to animals.



This half term children will be exploring events beyond their lifetime. We will investigate The Great Fire of London and identify key events that took place and create our own timeline. We will also look at how we are able to learn about this event through useful sources.

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