Welcome to Year 1 

Miss Gibbons and Miss Farley would like to welcome you back to Year 1 after your Easter break. We hope you are ready for all of the exciting learning we have planned for this term. We have lots of amazing lessons planned with a few surprises coming up. Please continue to read with your child every night, it supports their learning in class and has a huge impact on their learning. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the following term together.


Our English topic will be focused around the book ‘Whatever Next’. Children will be looking at and exploring recounts and there will be huge focus on phonics throughout this half term.
Children will be travelling to space through storytelling.


We are following the RWI scheme, which is having a fantastic impact on children’s progress. On top of their English lesson each day, they all take part in a full RWI lesson. Children are placed in small groups specific to their needs and ability, this allows them to apply their phonic skills on a daily basis and review sounds repeatedly every day. Children are also supported throughout the day and are given opportunities to take part in 1-1 phonic tutoring sessions, which enables them to work specifically on areas that they need to focus on.

Children are continually assessed during daily RWI lessons and so they are able to move on as soon as they are ready to do so. We also complete phonic assessments following the RWI format to track their progress and also prepare children for the end of year phonic screening. In order for children to feel confident when completing the phonic screening in July we complete regular screenings using past papers so they are familiar with layout and how the test is conducted.

We really appreciate your continued support as reading and practising phonics at home has a significant impact on your child’s progress. Ruth Miskin offers a variety of phonic videos online that you are able to watch at home:




During this half term, we will be concentrating on number. We will first explore place value focusing on numbers between 20 – 50 and 50 – 100. We will then move onto counting in multiples of 5 and 10. Following on from this we will then move onto solving simple problems.


During science this half term we will be looking at different materials. We will explore different materials and their properties; such as transparency, strength, waterproof. We will be testing and identifying the different materials suitable to build a house and make a space suit.


This half term children will be exploring significant figures. We will look at Neil Armstrong and the Wright brothers whilst comparing the affect the Wright Brothers had on Neil Armstrong and the impact their invention has made on the world today.

Some Important Information –

Book bags will be given out on a Friday and collected on a Wednesday/Thursday.

PE lessons will take place on Thursday for 1LK and Friday for 1HG.


Year 1 Curriculum Overview

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