Year 2


Our English topic will be focused around the book ‘Whatever Next’. Children will be looking at and exploring recounts and there will be huge focus on phonics throughout this half term.
Children will be travelling to space through storytelling.


We will be focussing on basic skills in Maths. We will count in steps of 2, 5, 10 and 3 and place value using dienes, numicon, place value cards and money. We will compare and order them using our place value knowledge.

We will also begin adding and subtracting numbers, using apparatus such as number lines, hundred squares and numicon. We will move on to solve problems using the skills we have learnt.


This half term children will be exploring significant figures. Children will look at Neil Armstrong and the Wright brothers whilst comparing the affect the Wright Brothers had on Neil Armstrong and the impact their invention has made on the world today.


During science this half term we will be looking at animals. We will explore name and identify a variety of common animals from each classification; mammals, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We will identify characteristics of these animals to support the identification process.


During computing this half term we will be exploring digital media pop art.


We will be exploring pop art this half term. Children will be looking at Andy Warhol. They are going to explore his art work and then create their own space themed pop art.


We will be exploring the theme of round and round.


During R.E. we will be exploring Jesus the Miracle worker. Throughout PHSE we will be following the scheme Jigsaw.


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