Welcome back to our final half term of the year. We are looking forward to one final push this term for all children to achieve their full potential. It is vital that children continue to read at home and bring their books in each week. Children will also be given a weekly spelling quiz and we are encouraging all children to keep practising their times tables. We have a busy half term filled which we will finish off with sports day and a fun end of year trip to celebrate the end of year 2.

Our English topic will be focused around the book ‘Grandad’s Island’. Children will explore ‘Portal Stories’. Children will look closely at using conjunctions, prepositions and apostrophes.


We will be exploring data handling and statistics. Children will learn to understand tables and interpret data. We will consolidate learning and practice solving reasoning problems.

This half term, children will be exploring ‘What it is like at the Seaside?’. Children will describe, research and identify different seaside towns. Children will identify the differences between seaside towns, then and now.

Children will be exploring ‘Animal including humans: Life Cycles’. Children will compare a range of life cycles. We will be observing the life cycle of a butterfly throughout the half term and watch each stage carefully.


Children will produce, edit & publish media by creating their own tour guide brochure on a seaside town.

Children will make their own ‘Beach buggies’. They will learn to construct wheels and axles and design their own vehicles.


Children will continue attending swimming lessons. They are building their confidence in the water and will learn about health and safety around water.

Children will explore ‘Changing me’. Discussing how they change as they grow. They will also discover what Sikhs believe.

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Science Knowledge Organiser – Year 2 – Animals, including humans – Life cycles

Year 2 Geoography Knowledge Organiser – Seaside

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