Year 2

Our English topic will be focused around the book ‘Grandad’s Island’. Children will explore ‘Portal Stories’. Children will look closely at using conjunctions, prepositions and apostrophes.


We will be exploring basic skills alongside data and statistics. Children will be taught about a range of charts and tables. Children will be able to recognise and show ½, ¼ and 1/3 as a fraction. Children will also look closely at positional language.

This half term, children will be exploring ‘What it is like at the Seaside?’. Children will describe, research and identify different seaside towns. Children will identify the differences between seaside towns, then and now.

Children will be exploring ‘What is Electricity?’. Children will look closely at electricity and where it comes from. They will learn how to stay safe around electricity and identify circle symbols.


Children will produce, edit & publish media by creating their own tour guide brochure on a seaside town.

Children will make their own ‘Beach buggies’.


Children will focus on Athletics.


Children will explore ‘Changing me’. Discussing how they change as they grow. They will also discover what Sikhs believe.


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