We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and are ready to get back into come exciting new learning. We have some exciting lessons and activities coming up this term.

Our narrative text is ‘The Willow Pattern Story’ by Alan Drummond. This book has given us some great ideas for exciting drama lessons as the characters are so fierce and strong. We will also be using it as a base for some research into China and also some interesting textile art.

We are also going swimming this term, so please make sure you return your child’s permission form as soon as possible.

Our English units this term are:

Stories from other cultures/ poetry

We will begin our half term by looking carefully at the events and characters in ‘The Willow Pattern Story’. We will be thinking about the actions of the characters, dialogue between them and how powerful language can be used in letters. We will then think of our own stories based on the ending of ‘The Willow Pattern Story’ but we aren’t giving that away yet! We will illustrate our stories with our own plate designs and make them into a display in the corridor. We will finish the half term by writing our own shape poetry inspired by the shape of the willow tree.

 Our Maths topic this term is:

We will move on to investigate 2D and 3D shapes. The children will look at the shapes properties and finally look at reflective symmetry in shapes.

We will look at capacity, length and measure.

Children will complete SATS exams near the end of the term.

Our Geography topic this term is:


We will look in detail at the geography of China. We will investigate the continents and look at the differing landscapes found within China. We will look at food, language, school, customs and traditions of China before finishing our topic by making our own BBC Newsround reports about everything we have learned.

Our Science topic this term is:

Living things and their habitats

We will be looking what animals need to survive. The children will explore different habitats around China. We will look at examples of different food chains and carry out research to create our own food chains. The children will create a WWF poster about the animals they have researched in China.

Our RE topic this term is:


We will consider how we look after special books and learn how Jewish people look after the Torah. We will learn about the Ten Commandments and make our own scrolls.

Our Art topic this term is:


We are looking at the work of Chinese ceramic artist Li Xiaofeng. We will emulate his designs on fabric using dyes, fabric pens and crayons before decorating our panels with embellishments like ribbon and buttons.

Our Computing topic this term is:

Internet and Research

We will be using the internet to research. We will use google to find information about China.


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