Year 2


We will begin our half term by reading some books about Paddington Bear. Children will look at emotions within a few of the books, thinking about Paddington’s new experiences and what he has learned on each new adventure. The children will then write their own adventure for Paddington to go on. We will also look at instructional writing, recipes in particular. This will link to our DT topic and will include looking at the features of recipes and writing our own.


We will continue reading and showing time on a clock. We will focus on reading time to the nearest 5 minutes. We will move on to look at measuring weight, length and capacity.

Our History topic this term is:

What was life like in 1953?

We will look in detail at the coronation celebration of Queen Elizabeth II. We will consider how life has changed in terms of fashion, food, games and football kits. We will imagine what life is like for the Queen and write memoirs and diary entries.

 Our Science topic this term is:

We will be looking at how we can keep our bodies healthy. We will be exploring a variety of fruit from around the world and how they benefit our bodies. We will discuss how a balanced diet can help keep our bodies fit and well.



We will look at stories from the Bible where Jesus has been a good friend. We will read the story of Palm Sunday and learn about Zaccheus. We will think how we can also be good friends.


Internet and Research

We will be using Ipads to carry out research on the internet to help with our D.T and Science topics. The children will be researching healthy living.


We will focus on healthy sandwiches. We will be researching and tasting different sandwich fillings. Once we have carried out this research we will be designing and making a healthy sandwich for Paddington Bear. We will finish out topic by having a teddy bears picnic.



Yoga is on Monday. Make sure your child has a t-shirt, shorts and pumps in school.

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