Happy New Year! We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break and are ready to make 2023 the best year ever. We have some exciting lessons, trips and activities coming up this term.

Our narrative text is ‘Octopus’s Garden’ by Ringo Starr. This book has inspired us to not only learn more about The Beatles, but also to find out more about Octopuses and other creatures that live in the sea.

Our English units this term are:

Non-chronological report/ Riddles/ Poetry

We will begin our half term by looking at the lyrics of a famous song by The Beatles. We will use this as the base to conduct some research into creatures that live under the sea. This information will be turned into a non-chronological report about sea creatures. We will then move on to writing riddles about sea creatures, using the information we have already learnt. We will finish the half term by writing our own under the sea poetry.

Our Maths topic this term is:

The children will also look at multiplication and division. They will use a range of practical and written strategies to solve problems. We will begin by looking at fractions of 2D shapes and numbers. We will focus on quarters, halves and thirds.

Our History topic this term is:

Who were the Beatles?

We will look in detail at the life of the Beatles. We will find out who they were, how they became famous and listen to some of their most popular songs. We will also be visiting the Beatles Story Museum at the end of the half term.

Our Science topic this term is:

Food chains and habitats

We will be looking at how living things survive. We will focus on their habitats and food chains. We will explore different habitats and identify from the environment which animals would live in each. We will look at examples of different food chains and carry out research to create our own food chains.

Our RE topic this term is:

Who was Buddha?

We will be looking in detail at who he was and how he became to be known as Buddha. We will looking at how Buddhists live their lives, where they worship and their festivals.

Our Design Technology topic this term is:

We will be researching, designing and making our own hand puppets. We will turn these into puppets of the Beatles and will use them to tell the story of the Beatles rise to fame.

Our PSHE/Jigsaw topic this term is:

We will be thinking about a variety of things we have achieved from winning competitions to riding our bike for the first time. The children will then set themselves a goal they would like to achieve by the end of the year.


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