Year 2


Our English topic will be focused around the book ‘The Willow Pattern Story’. Children will explore the language used in the story to describe characters and settings. Children will explore stories from other cultures alongside poetry: patterns on a page.


We will be exploring basic skills to begin the term by focusing on written subtraction and addition skills. We will then look at measure through capacity, length and weight. Children will take part in practical and written mathematical activities.


This half term, children will be exploring ‘What is it like in China?’. We will explore Chinese food, symbols, language and experiences. Children will discover what traditions there are in China and how they differ from ours.


Children will be learning about: ‘Animals & Habitats: What lives in Asia?’.Children will look at a range of different Asian habitats and explore that animals live in each habitat.


Children will produce, edit & publish media by creating their own tour guide brochure.


Children will explore textiles: Li Xiaofeng (Ceramics) linking to our topic of China.


Children will focus on learning and performing a song for our Eurovision song contest. Using


Children will look at Christian Rites of Passage and relationships.


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