Children can be registered with more than one nursery school or class but can only claim for 15 hours funded weekly.

Normally children should not be admitted to a nursery school under the age of three.

Allocation of a place should be in the order of the waiting lists but admission criteria will apply in the case where the nursery is oversubscribed. Parents will be notified if their child has been allocated a place in nursery by the end of the summer term.

The nursery staff will provide all parents with very useful information on Getting Ready for Nursery, suggestions on helping children to settle in, as well as notes on routines and procedures.

Nursery School Uniform

We have introduced a uniform for the nursery and reception children. It comprises of a practical jogging suit with a white polo shirt. This outfit is optional but is proving very popular with the children. The uniform is available from school.

Just a little reminder to ensure children are dressed appropriately for outdoor provision and have shoes that they can fasten themselves.

What’s going on this half term!

This term, children are going to be learning lots about life cycles and living things. We have currently got chick eggs in nursery and the children have been observing them daily, waiting for them to hatch. The children have been learning lots about how to look after the chicks and handle them safely when they have grown. We will be using the chicks as a starting point to lots of different learning opportunities, such as counting, mark making and speaking and listening.

Later on this term we will also be getting caterpillars in nursery, where the children will learn about a different life cycle and how we need to look after them differently from the chicks.

We are going to continue to have a big focus on the children’s questioning skills. Through lots of planned activities and modelled language, children will learn how to ask questions rather than just answer questions. Lots of interviewing and hot seating will take place to allow to children to understand the difference between a question and an answer.

Children will spend lots of time in our garden, getting it ready for our planting season. Children will learn about recycling and how we use our compost bin. We will talk about growth and what is needed for plants to grow in our garden.

As the term goes on, we will have a big push on our Mathematical development, we are going introduce number sentences to the children and staff will model writing and encourage the children to develop their own number sentence.

As always, will continually support the children in their mark making skills through various fun activities indoors and outdoors. This will be done through lots of fine motor and gross motor activities such as finger gym activities with the tweezers and mark making on the large scale on the floor. When supporting your children at home with their mark making, please can we remind all parents to use only lower case letters unless for a beginning of a name and to try and encourage pre-cursive writing. If you are unsure what pre-cursive writing looks like, please don’t hesitate to speak to staff, who will provide you with the relevant information.

Just a reminder that ‘Come read with me’ is on every Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for you and your children to come into nursery and share some of their favourite stories. Come read with me session times are 11.00am – 11.20am for morning and beginning of the week children and 2.40pm – 3.00pm for afternoon, end of the week and full time children. We look forward to seeing you there.

Can we ask all parents to ensure that their child arrives to nursery on time for their session. We are having lots of children arrive at the office late and these children are missing out on valuable teaching time. The main gate is open for the morning children to arrive at nursery at 8.30am and the nursery gate for the afternoon session will be opened at 12.15 for the start of the session and we would ask that parents do not ring the buzzer before this time.

Please can we also remind parents that as we will be using our outside area on a daily basis from now on, we will no longer have room for you to leave prams, scooters and bikes at Nursery. If you bring any of these items to Nursery with you, please take them home.