Welcome to Year 3

The year 3 teachers would like to welcome all of our year 3 children back to school and hope you all had a great holiday!

This half term in English we will be working through a story telling narrative based in a European village.  The children will get the opportunity to write descriptions of characters and settings as well as work on persuasive writing in different contexts.  As always we will be reinforcing the elements of what makes good writing.  Therefore there will be lots of work on spellings, grammar, punctuation and sentence work.  We will also be concentrating on using speech marks with dialogue and a range of sentence openers.  The year will end with work on adverts and persuasive posters – as much as possible this work will be related to the Story Telling Narrative.

With Maths we will be continuing with division at the beginning of the term and then moving onto fractions in which we will discuss reading and writing fractions, finding fractions of a shape and number as well as comparing and ordering fractions.  We will then move on to looking at time and measures. We will explore units of length (m, cm and mm), mass (kg and g) as well as capacity (l and ml). The children will measure, compare, add and subtract units of measure as well as completing word problems and practical investigations. We will then progress to time in which children will learn how to read the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock. They will continue to learn their 2,3,4,5 and 10 times table, and the corresponding division facts. As always, times tables remains an important area of learning. The children will concentrate on the application of the times tables across all areas of maths.

Our topic this half term in History is ‘How did we get to Norris Green?’ Children will look at the local history of Norris Green. We will take a trip to Norris Green Park to look at the place where it all started. We will look at chronology of Norris Green and how it has changed over time.

What you can do at home:

Go to the library and get out books on the local area. If you’re in our local area, take a trip to Norris Green Park…what can you see? Who do you think used to live here? Interview members of your family from this area – ask them how they think the area has changed? Do you think it has been a good or bad impact?

Some important information for Year 3 parents/carers:

  • PE. day for both Year 3 classes is Thursday
  • Children will have weekly Spanish lessons on a Tuesday
  • Children will be taking part in weekly Samba sessions each Wednesday.
  • Reading books should be brought into school every day.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday afternoon and is due back the next Wednesday.

Year 3 teachers would like to encourage children to bring in water bottles and a piece of fruit for snack, if they wish.

Book bags should be brought in everyday so children do not miss any opportunities to read to an adult.

Home school sheet Spring 1 2019



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