Welcome to Year 3

What year 3 are doing this term

Welcome back to year 3! We hope you have had a fantastic break. This half term we are basing all our work around the narrative of Perseus and Medusa.  The children will be describing settings, heroes and monsters from famous Greek Myths.  This will culminate in them writing their own version of a Greek Myth where they will create all the elements. We will also be looking at persuasive writing in the form of creating our own adverts.  This will be linked to our Greek topic of Myths and Legends and give the children the opportunity to use IMovie to produce and edit an original piece of work. Our unit of work on play scripts will be used to retell the Greek myths and Legends.

In maths this term we will complete our work on 2D and 3D shape. We will look at turns and types of angles in different shapes. We will create shapes in different orientations and investigate their properties using vocabulary such as vertices, edges, angle etc.  We will then move on to the topic of ‘Statistics’. The children will first collect, record and interpret data using tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. Children will have the opportunity to investigate their own chosen questions and use ICT to present their data.

Ancient Greece

This term the children will investigate Ancient Greece. The children will research both Ancient and Modern Greece.  We will be locating the country on the globe and discussing the range of islands.  We will also be looking back into Ancient Greece and how it has affected our world today.  We will look at Greek artefacts and discuss what they can tell us about how they lived in the past. We will also look at different Ancient Greek vents such as the war with the Trojan horse.

How did that blossom become an apple?

Our topic for science this term is ‘How did that blossom become an apple?’ This topic looks at the life cycle of a plant and children will be investigating the conditions needed in order for a plant to grow and survive. Children will be given the opportunity to present the results of their investigation using ICT.

Some important information for Year 3 parents/carers:

  • Swimming for both Year 3 classes is Monday. (final lesson 23rd April)
  • Children will have weekly Spanish lessons on a Tuesday
  • Children will be taking part in weekly Samba sessions each Wednesday.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday afternoon and is due back the next Wednesday.

Reading books should be brought in everyday so children do not miss any opportunities to read to an adult.

Year 3 teachers would like to encourage children to bring in water bottles and a piece of fruit for snack, if they wish.

Science Learning Journey

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Greeks Learning Journey


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