At Leamington Community Primary, we want our children to develop a passion for computing. We want them to have no limits to what their ambitions are. We want them to grow up with the desire to be software engineers, video game designers, web developers or IT consultants. We want them to embody our core values. Our computing curriculum has been carefully crafted so that our children develop their digital capital. We want our children to remember their computing lessons in our school, to cherish these memories and embrace the opportunities they are presented with! Recently, KS2 became internet legends with Parents Zone and Google. Our school was awarded a ‘Legendary’ certificate for our participation in the initiative.

At Leamington, we firmly believe that to make the most of the internet, children need to make smart decisions when online. Recently, our school acquired the 360 Safe Award which helped empower our children to use the internet safely and wisely and to be confident explorers of the online world.  A fantastic time was had by all and this was just another example of how we embed important safeguarding messages into our curriculum.

At Leamington Community Primary School, we believe that Computing lessons play a vital role in children’s education. Use of computers and different devices enables children to solve problems, increases their confidence and helps them to become more aware of the ever-changing world we live in. We believe our curriculum ignites curiosity and inspires our children to look forward into the future. The development of Computing is changing at home and in the community, its impact on the lives of individuals continues to grow and it is essential that our pupils can take advantage of its opportunities and understand its effects. Therefore, it is important that pupils in our school gain the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding to have the confidence and capability to use computing throughout their lives.

At Leamington, computing is taught in line with our immersive curriculum. We believe it to not only be creative and inclusive but to also provide opportunities that are challenging and ignite curiosity through our immersive and interactive learning. We encourage staff to embed computing across the whole curriculum to make learning creative and accessible. We want our pupils to be fluent with a range of tools to best express their understanding and hope by Upper Key Stage 2, children have the independence and confidence to choose the best tool to fulfil the task and challenge set by teachers.

We encourage our children to enjoy and value the curriculum we deliver. We will constantly ask the WHY behind their learning and not just the HOW. We want learners to discuss, reflect and appreciate the impact computing has on their learning, development and well being.

Subject Leader: Ashley Fergusson

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