Don’t be ‘Caught in the Web’

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Leamington Primary School have benefited from learning about internet safety after books were delivered by one of the fastest growing IT security companies worldwide.

Kaspersky Lab UK donated ‘Caught in the Web’ books which promote the importance of children staying safe on social networking sites. Kaspersky Lab – a company whose products and technologies provide protection for over 300 million users worldwide – has delivered the books to teach the school children the significance of privacy settings on profile pages and to highlight the potential risks to which they could find themselves exposed.

Ian Jackson, UK Project Director for The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain commented: “Without the help and support of companies such as Kaspersky Lab UK children could be more at risk from their use of the internet. Internet security is an issue that needs to be taught early in childhood so that individuals are not exposed later in life. We thank Kaspersky Lab UK for their generous sponsorship, as their community action will prove vital in helping children in Liverpool gain invaluable knowledge that will help them stay safe online throughout their lives.”

‘Caught in the Web’ is part of the Barney and Echo series of storybooks produced by the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain. The series of educational citizenship books have been designed to support teachers and parents in addressing PSHE topics at key stage 1-2. The books follow the adventures of Barney Eagle and Echo Squirrel who live in TreetopForest. As well as the donation of the educational resources, with a two week warning to computer users to protect themselves from cyber threats, a 50% discount on Kaspersky products has been offered to parents through the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain page on Kaspersky’s site –


Kirill Slavin, Managing Director Kaspersky Lab UK: “Education around security has always been a huge part of what Kaspersky Lab does, and we believe there is no better time to start teaching

children about how to use the internet safely and responsibly, than at primary school age. We are very proud to be partnering with the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain and to be able to provide this resource to so many young people and their families. We hope this project will help to create the secure, conscientious digital citizens of tomorrow.”

The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain (PCCGB) supports the personal and social development of young people through an established network of young people’s clubs, which cover the whole of the United Kingdom. The clubs’ objective is to provide opportunities, which help and support young people in achieving their personal goals and becoming responsible citizens.