At Leamington Community Primary School, we aim to teach Science in a fun, engaging and motivating way. From a very early age, children are curious about the world they live in.  They instinctively explore and interact in their physical environment.  Children are constantly developing new ideas, observing their effects and naturally testing them.  Children’s concepts are therefore initially based upon first hand exploration.  Primary Science is concerned with the development of process skills and concepts that draw upon these natural interests and abilities.  Pupils should be given opportunities to observe, investigate, experiment, discover and communicate their ideas in a variety of ways enabling them to learn about the way things are and why they behave as they do.  It is essential that Primary Science provides the foundations of skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to understand the world around them.

Subject Leader: Sophie Doyle

Science Policy

Knowledge, Understanding and Skills 

Science KUS Y1

Science KUS Y2

Science KUS Y3

Science KUS Y4

Science KUS Y5

Science KUS Y6

The National Curriculum for Science – PRIMARY_national_curriculum_-_Science

Science Reflection Tasks

Science Reflection Tasks Year 1

Science Reflection Tasks Year 2

Science Reflection Tasks Year 3

Science Reflection Tasks Year 4

Science Reflection Tasks Year 5

Science Reflection Tasks Year 6



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