A wide range of activities are delivered in school which aim to engage and inspire all children. At Leamington Primary School we believe that sport plays a crucial role in contributing to the health and well being of our children. We also believe that sporting excellence and participation go hand in hand with academic standards.

We have used the Sports Funding to purchase LSSP Membership Package- ‘Silver’ to develop skills and expertise of children and staff across all of the school from Reception through to Year 6.

As part of the package, a specialist P.E. teacher works with staff and children to develop teaching and learning across the school, on a rota basis, for 1 half day a week, also providing an After School club focusing on skills teachers feel children require more support with.

Progressive Sports are also employed by the school and they also offer us a specialist teacher who works with staff and children across the school to develop teaching and learning on a rota basis for a day and a half per week.  EYFS focussed sessions take place on a Wednesday (working with 2 year olds, FS1 and FS2) and other year groups receive a half term each year working with the specialist coach.  Progressive sports also offer an after school club for the year group they are working with, again focusing on skills teachers feel children require more support with.

Those children who are the least active are supported and encouraged to participate in P.E and have fun.

For more information regarding the Sports Premium spend please click here – Sports Premium Spending 

PE Curriculum and Wider Opportunities

The children have attended competitions e.g.:  football, athletics, basketball and have taken part in Dance competitions and workshops as well as a Swimming Gala hosted by Liverpool School Improvement.

Over the course of the Academic year, SEND children will be given the opportunity to take part in competitions and festivals aimed at promoting competition and skills based achievements in an inclusive environment.  SEND and vulnerable children are prioritised when offering places for extra curricular activities.

Over the year each child engages in games, dance, gymnastics and outdoor sports.

We currently hold the Bronze Kitemark for Sports.

All of these activities have been funded or partly funded by the Sports Grant.

For breakdown of after school provision please contact Mrs. Bland our PE coordinator on 0151 284 7848 

KUS P.E 2018-19

Physical Education Policy 2019

The National Curriculum for PE – PRIMARY_national_curriculum_-_Physical_education

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