Here you will find some of our letters for you to download and read.


Ofsted Leaflet – Monday 3rd July 2017 School inspections – a guide for parents

Free School Meals Letter for Year 2 – Monday 26th June 2017 Free School Meals Apply

Easter Activities – Monday 3rd April 2017 Easter Letter

School Gates on Yard Closing at 9am – Friday 11th November 2016 School Yard Closing At 9am

Year 6 Kingswood letter and Kit List – Wednesday 5th October 2016 kingswood-2016-y6

Year 6 Secondary Schools 2016 – Tuesday 20th September year-6-secondary-school-2016

Reception: Full time going home safely – 9th September 2016 reception-going-home-safely

School Closed 4/7/16 – 29th July 2016 School closed Tue 5th July 2016

England v Wales – Tuesday 14th June 2016 England v Wales June 2016

Half Term – Friday 12th February 2016 February half term

Own Clothes Day – Friday 12th February 2016 Own Clothes Day