If your child is absent from school please inform the school office 0151 284 7848, extension 1. On return to school please speak to the teacher, ring the school or pass in a written note. The absence will then be recorded as Authorised. Failure to inform the school of absences will result in Unauthorised absence or Truancy being recorded. The learning mentors in Leamington monitor attendance on a daily basis and contact parents when we feel there is a concern. Due to the efforts of the mentors and our parents, the attendance figures for Leamington improve year on year.

Poor punctuality only applies to a minority of our children but it is noted on a daily basis. Children who arrive late disrupt the class and miss very important introductions to the lesson. Please make every effort to ensure that your children arrive on time.

From September 2013, the Government made changes on schools being able to authorise holidays. The school can only authroise absences in exceptional circumstances. Please put all requests in writing to the Headteacher.

Child Protection

The school has a legal responsibility to log any incidents of concern about health, safety and welfare of the children and to contact social services if we feel it is necessary. Mr Vine is our Child Protection Co-ordinator and ensures that correct procedures are always followed in school. We work with parents very closely if we have any concerns about a child’s welfare.

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