At Leamington we are determined that every child will learn to read. The next few pages will look at how reading is embraced across the school.

Come and Read Sessions

Year Groups throughout Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 take the opportunity to invite parents in to school to share reading with their children.

Our Reading Café has been really successful this year and sessions have been extended.

Guided Reading 

Guided reading is an integral part of our school curriculum. The children work in small groups on quality reading activities. This gives your child’s teacher the opportunity to assess your child’s skills of decoding and comprehension in reading.


Outside Reading

We have trolleys for both KS1 and KS2 for outside reading. The children can enjoy taking a book into a quiet area of the playground during break times and lunch.

Books are reviewed and updated each year. The school council help with asking their classes for particular titles or types of books.

Reception and Nursery have their own special outside area for reading where they can take their favourite book and read it in comfort.

Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies is something that we have used over the past few years at Leamington. Each class is allocated 2 reading buddies who listen to and encourage them to read.

This is a great scheme and the children enjoy the responsibility.

Year 6 children work with Year 3.

Year 5 children work with Year 1.

Year 4 children work with Year 2.

In the Summer term Year 3 children get the opportunity to work as Buddies for Reception children.


Reading Champions

Our new initiative at Leamington is to promote reading through Champions of Reading. This includes the children and the staff.

Each class has 2 reading Champions who support others in reading, share ideas about different books and encourage good reading habits.

The staff at Leamington share a book every half term to encourage teachers to become readers for pleasure. We share our ideas for what we are reading outside our classrooms.

Reading Corners

Every class in the school has a dedicated area for reading. All areas have been set up to encourage a comfortable space where children can read quietly.  All reading areas also have extra independent activities for children to enjoy.  Books are regularly reviewed and updated with the views of the children.

Weekly Comprehension Lessons

At Leamington part of every week is dedicated to comprehension of reading.These sessions are carefully planned by our teachers. The lessons are always related to the reading genre taught that week to ensure a good balance of fiction and non-fiction. These lessons are a great way to help your child’s teacher assess understanding of reading.