Mr. Vine (Headteacher):

I use Maths to manage the school’s budget. I have to make sure we have enough money to spend on all the different things we need in school.

Alma Shaw (Governor)

I use maths all the time. I use it when I am cooking, shopping and sewing.

Jo Thompson (School Business Manager)

I use maths to ensure Mr. Vine spends wisely. In my daily life, I use Maths when I go shopping and when I cook as well.

Tracey White (Administrative Officer)

I use maths every day to calculate how many children we have for dinner. I also calculate dinner money and change.

Michelle Monaghan (Administrative Officer)

I use maths to bake cakes using recipes. I also use maths when looking at the Premier League table to see how many places Liverpool have moved up

Mrs Lazer (Head Cook):

I use Maths all the time in the kitchen. I measure the ingredients to make cakes and the school dinners.

Mrs Atherton (Midday Supervisor):

I use Maths in my job because I play Maths games with the infant children. I also have to make sure we have enough seats and that the children all get their lunch at the correct time.