Maths Ambassadors

A group of Year 6 children are promoting Maths across the school and meeting to discuss how we can improve Maths at Leamington.

These children have been awarded Math’s Ambassador status having shown the highest level of dedication and thinking skills when solving math’s problems. These children from Year 6 were selected by class teachers to take a key role in developing a love for math’s learning in the school community. They have continued their hard work in to Year 6 where their responsibilities will include collecting ideas on improving maths in our school and running our Maths Hub. After Easter, they will also become mentors to new maths ambassadors lower down the school.

Look out for our Math’s Ambassadors around school – they might ask you how we can improve Maths at Leamington.

Leamington Maths Hub

Our Leamington Maths Hub is proving to be extremely popular. It is held two dinner times a week and is run by our Maths ambassadors. The aim of the Maths hub is not only to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills, but also a chance for children to talk about their opinions and ideas of Maths in and around our school and at home. Children display their recommendations in the Hub for other children to see. We hope this will help to build the children’s confidence when talking about Maths in class.

Poppy – ‘I love the Maths Hub because the games are tricky! I really like the Train Game because it makes me think and the train goes really fast!’

Curtis – ‘I like playing all the different games and the maths ambassadors help you learn.’

Charlotte – ‘I love the Hub because it is challenging. I like it because I can go with my friends and play games together.’

Bobby – ‘I like it because I can go with my friends and we can talk about the games. We tried one game for ages and it was great when we finally did it!’

Harry: “I love coming to the Maths hub. I like the penguins game – I’m going to ask for it for Christmas!”

Assemblies to promote ‘Numeracy for Life’ skills.

LCQM and Real Life Maths have a special spot in our weekly assemblies. Each week we solve a real life problem and also ask the children to share how they have used maths outside of school in that week. We also talk about jobs and careers and how maths is an important life skill.


We have posters around the school to show children how our staff use Maths outside of the classroom. We promote how important maths is and how it helps us in our everyday lives. This highlights to children that our maths lessons all have a purpose to help us now and in the future.


Around our school, there are lots of displays to promote problem solving and real-life connections. We are dedicated to promoting positive attitudes to maths and encouraging children to use their numeracy for life skills to solve problems.

@7Puzzle – Maths Puzzles

In the past, Paul Godding, from 7 Puzzle, came in to school to work with Years 2, 4 and 6 introducing the children to a number of new and exciting Maths puzzles and games. The puzzles are designed to challenge the children’s understanding and improve communication/social skills. The puzzles cover a wide range of skills and allow the children to apply the knowledge that they have learnt in school. Paul has spent over two hours with each class and the children have loved every minute! As well as investing in Paul’s specialist knowledge we have purchased a number of the puzzles and games to be used throughout school. Every member of staff spent an hour with Paul learning how to use the puzzles in the classroom to challenge understanding and deepen learning. This maths approach has proven really successful and the resources are now embedded in our curriculum.

Parents evening

During our parents evening we held a drop in session for our parents to share the Maths Hub games. Whilst parents were enjoying the new resources, we shared a range of information on how to support their children at home with their maths work. We also shared some ideas of games to play at home.One parent even commented, ‘Got home and downloaded Rush Hour on my phone. Loved it. Great addition to the school.’ 

Lunch time Puzzles

During lunch time, in addition to our Maths Hub, there are a range of puzzles on the dinner tables. Children can take this opportunity to work collaboratively with their friends to solve the puzzles. This encourages children to communicate with one another about maths and share their reasoning as to how they solved the problem. During KS1 lunch time, they have access to a wide range of maths games to play on the yard with their friends.

Tax Workshops

KS2 children have taken part in a range of Tax Workshops hosted by HMRC. This informs children on what tax is, how it is calculated and how it is used throughout the UK.

Louie: “I found out that you once had to pay a hat tax and that beards were taxed in the past!”
Joe: “It was really good. I didn’t know what tax was before but now I know everyone pays it. The debate about Jaffa Cakes was really interesting.”

What’s going on?

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