Your child will be using longer more complicated sentences to plan and explain their thoughts. They can tell exciting stories with a proper beginning, middle and end. They will be developing friendships independently of you. Now is a great time to encourage your child to read. Does they see you reading? It’s a great example for them. You could set aside a time for the whole family to read either after school or before bedtime.

By 9 years: By 9 years old your child knows the rules of talking and is using these to mix with others and build friendships. They can tell exciting stories with a clear beginning, an interesting middle and an ending and are starting to use this in their writing. Your 9 year old speaks clearly and fluently about the past, present and future events. They don’t make mistakes often when reading or speaking unusual word endings e.g. fish, brought, peace. They are using their voices to make their story come to life and changing the information they give depending on who they are talking to. Encourage your child to make up stories to tell you and other people in the family especially younger brothers or sisters.

By 11 years: Your 11 year old can listen for longer periods of time and notice how things are said. They get sarcasm when it’s obvious. Your child has a sense of humour and gets simple jokes even if they can’t explain why they are funny. 11 year olds have lots of words they know and can use. They can now talk about feelings as well as actions. Your child will use grown up words although they won’t always get it right. Your child knows that some words have two meanings e.g. Bark (like a dog and on a tree). Help your child by making lists of words for their school topic and use a dictionary together to find out their meanings. Story telling is important to your 11 year old for both their school work and their friendships. Your child can tell you long and entertaining stories full of details and description. They can put sub-plots into their stories and then return to the main story line. Ask your child to tell you about the books they are reading or the TV shows they are watching. Can they say what will happen in the next chapter/episode and can they say why they know this?

Suggested Reads

I’m 8 and I’ve Laughed… by M Symons

Packed with amazing facts and terrific trivia about things that children have done when they are eight, from writing novels and symphonies to climbing mountains and recording hit pop-songs!

ISBN: 9780330517683


Maximum Ride: Saving the World and other extreme sports by J Patterson

Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel are 6 very unusual children, and their amazing powers mean they’re often in danger – and being able to fly isn’t always enough to keep them safe…

ISBN: 9780755322022


Steven Gerrard: My Story by S Gerrard

The inspiring story of Liverpool captain Gerrard’s rise to fame, adapted from the adult biography for younger football fans. Still a lengthy read at 256 pages, so recommended for keen readers only!

ISBN: 9781862304383


Why Is Snot Green? by G Murphy

Whether you’d like to know if rabbits fart or computers will ever be cleverer than people, this is a great choice for anyone who likes fascinating scientific questions to be answered in a brain-friendly way!

ISBN 9780330448529


Blaze the Ice Dragon by A Blade

With short chapters, a pacey style and plenty of magic and adventure, the Beast Quest series is ideal for keen and confident readers. In this title, Adam must defeat the terrifying Ice Dragon.

ISBN: 9781408303818

Cinderboy by L Anholt

A fabulously funny first chapter book from a series retelling fairytales in a modern setting. Cinderboy is heartbroken when he can’t go to the cup final, that is until his TV godmother appears!

ISBN: 9781841214047